Case Study: KRL ACCESS


In this time I will discuss about KRL Access Apps made by PT. KAI Jabodetabek . However, before entering further, I will tell you a little about KRL and my personal experience using KRL.

Electric train (KRL) or Commuterline is one alternative for workers who want to shorten the time, especially to save the budget to get to their work location. For residents of satellite cities such as Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, KRL is one of the preferred modes of transportation that can be used to travel to offices in the Jakarta area. Especially for me who lives in Bekasi and works in Jakarta (previously Serpong, Tangerang).

The following is a comparison of the travel routes that I traveled and also the price comparison of transportation costs from my home in Bekasi to my (previous) office in the BSD area if using KRL or other transportation modes.

As a worker, I prefer cheaper costs to travel to the office, although some situations can not be denied may make users uncomfortable with KRL, both from pressure, sweating, pickpockets, and schedules that are not ontime.

While using KRL, there are a number of things that concern me. First is the schedule, because by knowing the schedule I can estimate the hours I go to the station. Second positions of the train, to find out which train I want to use already or is at which station. Third train line, by knowing the path and destination I can find out the route and transit position and the last cost to go to the desired station and the four problems that must be spent.

To support the points above, I use KRL Access Apps on my smartphone. Some of the features in the Apps are enough to help me meet my needs while using KRL.


Here starts the problem that I found, especially on KRL ACCESS Apps.

Why? because according to my observation, there are many difficulties in using these Apps, including:

  1. Information is often late and not even updated
  2. My impression when I first entered the Homepage was that I was confused, because to find optional features such as train position and train schedule, I had to go to the side menu
  3. There is no info if there is a problem/traffic. Because interference often happens so information about this is very much needed
  4. The UI used is inconsistent.

To find out what other people say about the Apps, I tried to interview the fellow users, so they got a response about the Apps.

In addition to direct interviews, viewing user comments on the Play Store can also describe user responses to KRL Access Apps (written in bahasa)

With the response from several people I interviewed and also personal experiences, I try to summarize some of the pain points that can be the points for developing this Apps, including:

  1. Home page Apps KRL ACCESS can be maximized so that users have no trouble finding the main menu
  2. UX needs to be improved so that users are easier to use KRL ACCESS Apps
  3. Real time updates are needed if there is a train disruption
  4. The UI display can be further developed in accordance with current design trends
  5. There are a number of features that can be added in these Apps including top up balances, recommendations for nearby places and others.
  6. On the basis of personal experience and also the response of the user, I am trying to try to redesign the KRL Access Apps in the hope of finding a solution from Pain Point user in this Apps.


Based on the results of the interview regarding KRL Access, I found several characters that match this Apps and try to conclude through the 2 attached personas


What do users actually need on KRL Access? What can be developed again from this Apps?

Development of old features

  1. Real time train position when the user is at the station
  2. Train departure schedule
  3. The number of carriages from each train
  4. Position of the train line to the location of choice
  5. Calculation of costs to the station of choice
  6. KRL Access social media info
  7. KRL News to get the latest news from KRL Jabodetabek
  8. KRL Traffic to find out the current situation of KRL
  9. Updated KRL route map.

New features

  1. Top up KRL card balance
  2. Chat bot for interactions with KRL Access
  3. Recommended places around the station
  4. Recommended merchant promos at the Station
  5. Lost and Found, to find out the items left on the KRL or Station and where they are taken.


The development of the features mentioned above will be processed into a user flow to see the flow of development of this Apps and also facilitate the process of making Wireframe in the next stage.



The designing process will be divided into several parts, including

  1. Branding
  2. Styling App
  3. High Fidelity Wireframe


Redesign of KRL ACCESS logo and will be applied to all related designs.




I build a prototype of this project, so user can test it and have a feedback about this design



This redesign is a personal idea from me, validation, testing and further research are needed to maximize this idea and thank you for reading my thought!

I hope you enjoyed this one. If you have any feedback please kindly share on comment or you can contact me at or connect on linkedin

Psst! please visit my Dribbble and Behance.

Thank you!



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